King F6 Hybrid Womens Pink


unnamed file 3473 - King F6 Hybrid Womens Pink
Price Only £50.00
Cobra King F6 Hybrid Club for WomenA versatile club that enables you to tackle longer approach shots with confidenceHybrid clubs are the newest kids on the golfing block. Combining the swing mechanics of long irons with the greater forgiveness of woods, they enable you to tackle longer approach shots with greater confidence. You can make shots from the fairway or the rough to hit greens that you might have thought were out of your reach.If you find shots with long irons challenging then the Cobra F6 Hybrid is the perfect solution. Easier to swing than a wood and more forgiving than a long iron, this hybrid club gives you the distance you need without sacrificing accuracy. MyFly technology enables you to set your loft to suit your game whilst Cobra’s unique Speed Channel ensures that the ball really flies off the face to achieve those all-important extra yards. The Cobra F6 Hybrid brings versatility and control to your game. This one simply has to go in your bag!The Cobra F6 Hybrid is available as follows:3-4H 4-5H • Swings like an iron forgives like a wood• 8 adjustable loft settings via MyFly technology• Speed Channel to increase ball speed across the face• Redistributed weight for a bigger sweet spotBuy Cobra Golf Equipment for Ladies online today at