17 May 2022

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Glenmuir Macwet Cliamatec Winter Short Glove – 9.5

Glenmuir Macwet Cliamatec Winter Short Glove - 9.5


Glenmuir Macwet Cliamatec Winter Short Glove - 9.5
Price Only £22.94
When the weather turns colder, you shouldn’t have to give up the activities you enjoy. Protect your hands from the elements in MacWet Short Climatec® Sports Gloves which provide outstanding grip in wet weather conditions. The Climatec® range has been developed to complement MacWet’s unique Aquatec® fabric, offering increased warmth alongside the superb grip and sensitivity that Aquatec® provides. Climatec® gloves are wind proof, water resistant and fleece lined material on the back, where hands are most vulnerable to the cold. These short cuff gloves fasten across the hand using a durable Velcro pad and have elasticated wrists. Get the right fit! Take a tape measure and place across the hand just under your fingers to give you your size. 7cm = size 7 and so on. – 50% Polyester 32% Polyamide 16% Polyurethane 2% Elastane – Lightweight sports glove – Unique Aquatec ® grip fingers and palm – Warm, fleece lined Climatec® backing – Elasticated cuff with Velcro fastening to the back of the hand