G30 Fairway Woods

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G30 Fairway Woods
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Ping Golf G30 Fairway Woods at Clickgolf.co.ukDesigning a hotter, more forgiving face for generating distancewith control was the inspiration behind the G30 fairway woods. Astrong, uniform-thickness Carpenter 475 face maximizes deflectionto increase ball speed and generate distance. The face is alsotaller for additional face bending and forgiveness. Crownturbulators help with aim and confidence. And with five settings,you can add or subtract up to 1 degree of loft to optimizetrajectoriesIncreased ball speed is achieved through a hotter face withoutsacrificing high launch or consistency. The face is engineeredusing Carpenter 475 steel, a material 44 percent stronger than 17-4stainless steel. The added strength allowed us to create a thin,uniform-thickness face for maximizing deflection to increase ballspeed and distance.Turbulators crafted onto the crown create a captured appearancethat assists with aim and provides confidence. The face profileprovides an inspirational appearance while increasing its heightfor additional face bending and forgiveness. A low and deep CG inthe 3-wood promotes high launch with optimal spin. The CGprogresses more forward and lower in the 5- and 7-woods to keeplaunch angle and spin uniquely optimized for distance and controlin each clubhead.A new addition to the G family of fairway woods, the lightweighthosel design is engineered with the same mass and outer diameter asour fixed hosels to unlock the benefits of adjustability withoutsacrificing performance. It offers up to two full degrees of loftadjustment to further optimize launch angle and spin rate. You canchoose the standard loft, or fine-tune your trajectory by adding orreducing loft. Settings are standard, + 0.6°, + 1°, -0.6°, and – 1°. A high-balance-point TFC 419F shaft has aCG that’s closer to the grip end, creating a simultaneous increasein energy, momentum and inertia for faster ball speeds and greaterdistance. The charcoal, non-glare matte finish eliminatesreflections to improve focusIncreased ball speed due to thinner face, which maximizes facedeflection.Flattened crown curve creates more forgiving face and a flattervisual appearance for confidence.Consistent distance and accuracy.More forward in higher lofts, farther back in lower lofts tooptimize trajectory across all heads.Ability to add/reduce up to 1° of loft to fine-tunetrajectory. Additional adjustability achieved without adding weight tohosel.Inspire confidence, assist with alignment.High Balance Point allows for heavier head (approx. 3 grams),which increases MOI for more distance and accuracy.Lower trajectory, added control. Tour look/feel with silver PVDfinish


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