GT180 Fairway Woods

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GT180 Fairway Woods
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Mizuno GT-180 Fairway Wood It’s a combination of the Wave sole’s contraction and expansion on impact and the dedication of every possible gram of weight being moved lower towards the face that gives the Mizuno GT-180 such impressive, gravity-defying performance. Reducing spin rates on a variety of shots (including fast, downward strikes), the GT-180 Fairway Woods are capable of executing easy to control shots that are flatter, straighter and more efficient. The easily customisable club offers players the ability to reduce or increase spin as needed. 17 grams of sliding weight creates a wider array of shot potentials, allowing players a new level of versatility on the course.Notable Features Amplified first wave – elevates ball speed with a massive initial wave that pushes weight forward, significantly lowering spin ratesWeight is relocated low and forward thanks to the savings from its Internal Waffle CrownHigh-end shaft options have been expanded and are fitted at no extra costIncreased ball speeds from a more responsive and thinner faceMizuno Custom Shafts & Grip GT-180Quick Switch Adjustable HoselVery efficient low spin design4 degrees of loft adjustment3 degrees of lie adjustment A Word from Bill Price “We’ve managed to significantly reduce the lower end range of spin rates but kept the overall range of adjustability.  Players with at the faster end of swing speeds are going to see a much flatter trajectory – but have the possibility of increasing their spin should the conditions dictate.” Your Trusted Stockist Order your Mizuno GT-180 Fairway Woods today from your trusted online stockist. We have the latest clubs and accessories from Mizuno with the internet’s best prices and fastest delivery.


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