Steelhead XR Fairway – Mens

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Steelhead XR Fairway - Mens
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Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway – Men’sThere are moments in history where artisans and engineers have gotten it right the first time, and the original design proved masterful enough to hold its own throughout years of emerging technologies and revolutionary new concepts. The original Steelhead is just such an example, and it became legendary in its own right, making it among the most popular fairway woods in golf, ever.Callaway is paying homage to this ingenious work of craftsmanship by borrowing from its unique shape and Hawkeye Sole, an innovative technology that was years ahead of its time. By optimising turf interaction in virtually any condition, with any lie, the Steelhead enabled golfers to place square and accurate strikes, even in tall grass, resulting in solid contact that would launch the ball with powerful precision.This icon design is at the core of the new Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway, but advancements in research and manufacturing have allowed the company’s engineers to take it to new heights. LaunchThe Hawkeye Sole has been modernised with a refined and improved shape that leverages years of data, incorporates the latest manufacturing techniques, and produces a stunning result. This confidence-building, versatile head allows players to launch the ball almost effortlessly. Square contact is promoted across a range of unpredictable turf conditions, encouraging players to challenge even the most difficult lies. Friction with the turf has been reduced considerably, and the 6-gram, J-36 carbon crown (weighing 20-grams less than any previous XR Fairway crowns) provided enough weight savings to position the CG forward and lower, creating low spin and superior launch. SpeedWith the collaborative input of aerospace experts, the proven Speed Step technology promotes faster head speed by optimising the aerodynamic properties of the head. This, coupled with next-generation, Hyper Speed Face Cup technology (extremely flexible and thin boundary area), produce faster ball speed and longer distance, even on mishits, across a larger area of the face. Take ControlOrder your Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway – Men’s from Authorised Online Retailer Featuring the extreme forgiveness of the J-36 carbon crown and a shorter hosel, and the power and control of the stock Mitsubishi Tensei CK shaft.


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